To Any Little Boy’s Father

To Any Little Boy’s Father

There are little eyes upon you and they’re watching night and day.

There are little ears that quickly take in everything you say,

There are little hands all eager to do everything you do,

And a little boy who’s dreaming of the day he’ll be like you.

You’re the little fellow’s idol, you’re the wisest of the wise,

In his little mind about you no suspicions ever rise.

He believes in you devoutly, holds that all you say and do,

He will say and do in your way, when he’s grown up, just like you.

There’s a wide-eye little fellow who believes you’re always right,

And his ears are always open and he watches day and night,

You are setting an example every day in all you do,

For the little boy who’s waiting to grow up and be like you.

-Author Unknown

Deconstructing the oldest form of oppression in the world

We have been busy these past few weeks creating a booklet summarizing key issues regarding prostitution.

Our booklet, entitled: Deconstructing the oldest form of oppression in the world – Prostitution, is now available!

In our booklet we address the following topics:

What is prostitution?

Is there a distinction between prostitution and human trafficking?

The effects of legalizing prostitution

Criminalizing the demand

Who are the consumers of prostitution?

Prostitution in Canada

Different perspectives on prostitution

How prostitution jeopardizes our rights to life, liberty and security

Towards a paradigm shift in the way Canadians view prostitution

We hope you find the information in this booklet educational and informative. You can download the booklet here: Deconstructing the oldest form of oppression