Sex trafficking, sex exploitation, modern-day slavery…are the latest “buzz” words often used by advocates, government officials and media. If you say these buzz words to someone, it may instill a sense of anger and disgust towards the perpetrators, compassion towards the victims, a desire for justice, the impetus to learn more…

But when the term prostitution is used, there may be a completely different reaction – a reaction of complacency, disgust towards the prostitutes themselves, the rationale that individuals made a voluntary choice to engage in prostitution, the notion that a victim does not exist in prostitution…

In actuality, we are of the view that sex trafficking and sex exploitation are unequivocally linked to the oldest form of oppression in the world – Prostitution.

Prostitution is at the core of modern-day sex slavery. It provides the fuel for the supply and demand of sex tourism, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation and sex bondage/slavery.

ALL human life is precious and valuable, no matter what race, gender, age, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, etc…

It is time for a paradigm shift in society’s perception and views towards those who find themselves destitute in prostitution.

It is a time where we promote human sustainability equally – to all and for all.

We are at a critical point in Canada where our own Prostitution Laws are “held hostage”, if you will, by a constitutional challenge. Learn more about Prostitution and Prostitution in Canada in our Prostitution – Towards a Paradigm Shift section, from our At a Glance section and in our Resources section.

Together, we are the change.

Together, are moving towards a paradigm shift in the way Prostitution is perceived by many.

Together, we will lift up those who have fallen victim to sexual oppression towards liberty and equality.